We gladly welcome a new summer season!

we will have to ask you for your patience this season because our early peach varieties were hit with frost this spring.

Unfortunately, we will not have any peaches until the very end July.

We are looking forward to a full crop of peaches starting with our Red haven, blazing star and white lady. 


PYO will open on SATURDAY, JULY 30TH. 

See you there!


Change of plans: We have peaches on the stand now and will be at Lehigh Valley Grower’s Market on Saturday, July 30th. 

The market is located in Coopersburg’s Living memorial park at the corner of 309 and E.Landis street.


Check out this article about us published in the Morning Call!

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glad to see the website. Love coming to your place. It’s nice to go to a PYO that isn’t A carnival.
    Is there a mailing list with weekend picking info up dates in the future?


  2. My niece lives on your street n while I stopped at your stand.I bought large basket if peaches,per her complements of your great peaches.n wow they were the best n they were so big. Thk u. Now my niece told me about apple picking. For years I’ve gone to Bob White farms. My girlfriend n I always pick apples because we make applesauce everyday, see u all Saturday to pick all the different kinds to blend. Thk u Danni Hello.my niece.


  3. This is a GREAT place to pick your own apples! Friendly, small, family orchard. The trees are a great size for kids and tall adults! There are lots of apples available, even honey crisp! Highly recommend!


  4. When will you be open for picking?? we love peach/nectarine season so really hope you’re open for that! Please let us know!!!
    Thanks, Christine


  5. We are so fortunate to have this beautiful garden in our close neighborhood! Their peach season June-September is just a dream! Many varieties of apples! We are frequent visitors all summer and fall long. The owners are always so welcoming. Hamilton Orchards is a hidden little gem! Thank you for keeping it going.


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