Hamilton Orchard is proud to offer you 15 varieties of apples!

Early September

IMG_0923 A sweet and very flavorful apple with orange-striped skin and yellow flesh. They are a wonderful eating apple, great for snacks and salads.

IMG_0920 A cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples. They look a lot like a McIntosh but is crisper like a Jonathan. Because of the mix, they are a great apple for baking.*

Mid September

IMG_0946 A new Favorite! They are sweet, crisp and juicy. Their texture is the unique quality that makes them such a hit. They also keep well as long as they are stored well in a cool, dry place. They are a wonderful eating apple.

IMG_0950 A tart red apple with white flesh. Our McIntosh trees are from the original orchard planted in 1972. They are a traditional favorite that are deliciously mushy when baked.*

IMG_0955 An updated version of the McIntosh. They are slightly sweeter with the same white flesh and baking quality.*

Late September

img_0997 Our Early Fuji ripens over a month earlier than the traditional Fuji. They have a sweet taste and crisp texture. They are the longest lasting apples when stored properly. Fuji is Rick’s favorite! They are a wonderful eating apple.

img_0992 Another traditional favorite that was originally planted in our orchard in 1972. They have red skin and a soft white flesh that cooks down when baked. They are famous for giving apple sauce a slightly pink hue.*

img_1029A cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious (AKA Yellow Delicious). They are a great mixture of tart and sweet. They are great for eating as well as baking.*

Early October

img_1057-1A sweet and juicy apple. They are a traditional apple great for snacks and salads.

img_1021 Also known as Yellow Delicious, they are sweet and mellow with an almost pear-like flavor. They are excellent for snaking, salads and all cooking purposes.

img_1025 A cross between a McIntosh and Red Delicious, leaning more towards McIntosh. They have a crisp, white flesh with dark red, almost purple skin. Empire apples are known for their perfect round shape, perfect for candied or caramel apples! They are excellent for snacks, desserts and salads.*

Mid October

img_1080A relatively new variety that was discovered (instead of breed like most apple varieties). They are great eating apples with flavor that blends sweet and tart.

img_1074Also known as Mutsu, they are sweet and juicy with a very firm texture and crisp white flesh. They are excellent for snaking and cooking.

Late October


Our standard Fuji has the same sweet taste and crisp texture as the early but tend to develop better color because they are on the tree for a longer period of time. They are a great eating apple.

Pink Lady

They have succulent taste and are known for their beautiful color achieved from ripening on the tree for months.

Varieties labeled with (*) are the standard baking apples. Though they are wonderful for baking, we advocate that you mix all the apples you like to create a wonderful blend of sweet and tart.


Fresh Apple cider will be pressed starting in mid September! We use a mixture of our wonderful apples to bring you absolutely delicious cider!