Peaches & Nectarines

Wind Hill Orchard is proud to offer 14 varieties of peaches and nectarines!

* Due to weather conditions, all varieties may not be available each year.

  • Desiree (yellow peaches)
    • They are our first peaches to ripen in the first half of July. They tend to be smaller and are only semi-freestone but have a wonderful, unique flavor. They are a great way to start out peach season!


  • Sentry (yellow peaches)  
    • They ripen about a week after Desiree, in mid July. They have outstanding size for such an early peach but are still a semi-freestone peach. They have a wonderful flavor.


  • Saturn (yellow peaches)
    • Saturn peaches are also known as “donut” peaches because of their unique flat shape. They ripen just after Sentry toward the end of July or beginning of August. They are a wonderful light snack!


  • Red Haven (yellow peaches)
    • They ripen around August 1st and are considered the standard peach for the northeast region. They are considered semi-free stone but do come off the pit a little easier than our previous varieties.


  • Blazingstar (yellow peaches)
    • They ripen at the beginning of August, with Red Haven. They are our first free-stone peach and are almost fuzz free. They have a wonderful sweet taste but tend to be a little on the smaller size.


  • White Lady (white Peaches)
    • They are our first white peach of the season. They ripen at almost the same time as Blazingstar in the first week of August. It is a wonderful peach with large size, freestone and great color. As a white peach, they are super delicious but not great for baking.

IMG_0738 (1)

  • Sunglo (nectarines)
    • They are the first of our delicious nectarines. They typically ripen a few days after the White Lady in mid August. They taste delicious and are fuzz free!

Sunglo Nectarines.jpg

  • Flamin’ Fury- PF17 (yellow peaches)
    • They are wonderful large yellow peaches typically ripening around the 17th of August. They are freestone and great for canning due to their large size.

IMG_0811 (1)

  • Coral Star (yellow peaches)
    • They are possibly the most perfect peaches! They are newer trees in our orchard and have grown a full crop for the first time in 2021. Coral Star are a cousin of Blazing Star and have the same beautiful shape and color. They are the perfect size, big but not too big, and freestone! Great for eating or canning.


  • Sugar Giant (white peaches)
    • They are our second variety of white peach, ripening in mid August. As the name suggests, they are typically large and very sweet. They are very consistent and great for eating.


  • Gloria (yellow peaches)
    • They ripen in the last week of August. They are large, freestone and highly colored. Their relatively low acidity makes them less ideal for canning but they are great to eat!


  • Flamin’ Fury- PF24 (yellow peaches)
    • Another great large yellow peach. They ripen around the 24th of August. They are also freestone and delicious.


  • Fantasia (nectarines)
    • They are our second variety of nectarines ripening at the end of August. They are fuzz free with delicious yellow flesh and are freestone.


  • Messina (yellow peaches)
    • They come in at the beginning of September, right around Labor Day. They are freestone, typically very large, highly colored with excellent firmness. Another great canning peach.


  • Victoria (yellow peaches)
    • They are a wonderful late variety peach, ripening in mid to late September. Due to their late ripening date, they are very dependent on the weather but last year were an amazing late season treat! They are also freestone.


(Ordered by ripening date-earliest to latest)